Sexual Health

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Sexual Health

Swan Medical offers non-invasive, safe treatments to restore and rejuvenate vaginal health to enjoy sex again and improve your reproductive health! Most women experience exceptional relief of symptoms after one treatment! Improve your overall sexual wellness with our sexual health services and procedures. We now offer the O-shot and PT 141 nasal spray.

Non-Surgical, Non-Hormonal Vaginal Rejuvenation

Revolutionary treatments are available to restore women’s ability to enjoy sex again by alleviating vaginal dryness that causes pain caused by changes in your vaginal health.

Conditions that commonly affect women’s quality of life including: vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and urinary incontinence can be improved tremendously with non-surgical, and non-hormonal in-office therapies.

Patients with mild stress urinary incontinence and overactive bladder symptoms are discovering marked improvement in these symptoms as well, without the need for more commonly performed incontinence surgery.

Only a specialist knowledgeable in female urology should be consulted with to determine the correct procedure for you.

Our non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures are performed during a quick office visit. There is no downtime, medications, nor hormones.

Although many women report a significant improvement after the first treatment, maximal and prolonged benefits are achieved after a series of three 5-minute sessions approximately 4-6 weeks apart.

Dr. Peter Castillo is a knowledgeable urologist specializing in female sexual health care and sexual dysfunction treatments. His expertise as a sexual health doctor will help you to determine what treatment will work best for you. Contact us today!

Vaginal Rejuvenation For Pre And Post Menopausal Women

Vaginal Rejuvenation is not only for post-menopausal women!

Although originally designed for post menopausal symptoms, our Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments are beneficial to woman of all ages with symptoms.

Many women use hormonal methods for contraception or cycle control or use progesterone only therapies while breast-feeding by pill, injection or progesterone only IUDs. Often times these create a low estrogen environment in the vagina. This hypo-estrogenic state changes the pH and bacterial flora of the vagina causing increased vaginal infections, dryness, itching, burning with urination and pain during intercourse. Most women report significant improvement in sexual function after the very first treatment.

Vaginal Laxity Or Looseness

Vaginal Rejuvenation options stimulate vaginal secretions and create new collagen.  This helps to restore the healthy, elastic, well-vascularized bed of tissue that allows for normal function.  As a bonus, the vaginal canal tightens. With improved connective tissue function and support also comes increased sensation of the entire vaginal canal.

No one will ever know…unless you want them to!

Painless, incision-less procedures are perform in the office without the need for anesthesia. Ideal for patients still planning future pregnancies, cannot take the time for surgical recovery, or simply don’t want anyone to know.

Menopausal Urogenital Symptoms


The No-Hormone Solution for menopausal urogenital symptoms

For decades our only option for managing urogenital symptoms of menopause including vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and urinary symptoms was use of local hormones vaginally. We know that even women taking systemic hormone supplementation that only 20% of will resolve their urogenital symptoms. Additionally, many women prefer to avoid the risks associated with hormone use or cannot use hormones because of breast cancer history. Many women with receptor positive breast cancer also have to take medications that further deplete systemic hormone levels causing very severe urogenital symptoms for which they have no solution.   Swan Medical is here for you, we can improve these bothersome symptoms by remodeling and re-creating premenopausal conditions of the vaginal canal without the use of hormones or their risks.

Urinary Symptoms

Laugh or Run Again without Fear!

1 in 3 women suffer from urinary incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence is the most common type of urinary incontinence in women and is estimated to be more like 40 percent of women of all ages. Commercials often downplay the bothersome effect that this has on women by calling it “Mild bladder leakage” suggesting that this is normal. Urinary symptoms including leakage, burning, urgency, frequency, frequent urinary tract infections and night time bathroom trips are quite common in women however this does not mean that they are normal, only common. Although medications and minimally invasive surgical procedures are needed for many women with severe forms of urinary incontinence, women with so called “mild bladder leakage” may notice significant improvement or resolution of urinary incontinence during everyday activities or exercise with non-surgical and non-hormonal therapies offered at Swan Medical.

Vaginal Health

Vaginal health issues following childbirth or menopause are common, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with uncomfortable side effects. With diVa and diVa Tyte laser vaginal therapy treatments, you can improve vaginal health and feel more like your younger self again.

We are so excited to bring you these effective, pain free, and quick treatment options as alternatives to hormones, creams, or surgeries that are free from side effects or inconvenience!

Schedule your consultation today to see which treatment is the right treatment for you!